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Fully Automatic Pani Puri Making Machine India We design, fabricate and offer an extensive array of processing machines that is made using high quality raw materials and precision made parts. Widely applicable in the food industry, these processing machines are known for their efficiency and cost effective rates. These machines are available have sturdy and compact design. 1.Automatic raw pani puri making machine dough just needs to be fed into the hopper and at the outlet one gets raw pani puri. 2. Apart from this no oil is required. 3. Thus, these machines offer oil free, hygienic pani puri at economical prices. 4. One set of TEFLON coated roll with thickness setting arrangement, flour sprinkling arrangement, and one number dies roll, endless PVC food grade belt is mounted on stainless steel covered fabricated angle stand. 5.This machine is able to produce 13, 000 to 14, 000 pani puri per hour depends on the diameter of pani puri.
  • 2018-09-29T08:49:37

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